“Law for Young Adults” Available from the South Carolina Bar

Oct 07

Reaching the age of 18 is a big milestone for any child. However, as exciting as it may be for the child (and even for the parents of the child), there are also many new legal “milestones” that accompany this special birthday. Do you know what they are?

Last week, the South Carolina Bar released the latest edition of Law for Young Adults. Written for young adults, it offers straight-forward and easy-to-understand explanations of South Carolina laws which most commonly affect “new” adults.

For example, did you know when you turn 18, if you are charged with a DUI and at the time of the violation you had at least one passenger under the age of 16, you can also be charged with Child Endangerment? (See page 7 for more details).  Also, reaching the age of 18 means you can most likely register to vote in public elections, but do you know where and how to do so? (See page 35 for all the answers.)

This is a fantastic resource for all young adults, but also for their parents. Only 72 pages in length, it is jam-packed with useful information, advice and guidance for making your way in the adult world. You can download a free copy here.

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