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J. Benjamin Stevens is now part of Offit Kurman.

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Ben Stevens - Trustworthy, and I've recommended him numerous times

“After an unpleasant experience with a reputable attorney who was willing to take my money but not listen to my concerns. I found myself seeking new representation. I hired Ben with the understanding that he would listen to my concerns and fight for what I wanted and not what was simply the courtroom norm. To my surprise, not only did he listen but he set proper expectations for the potential outcomes in the negotiations and in the courtroom. Additionally, he made recommendations that would potentially produce the same desired ruling while putting me in the best negotiation position possible. Most understand that it is customary, with all things being equal, for the mother to be awarded custody but as a man who won custody of his child I am confident in recommending Ben Stevens to fight for your best interest. I found that Ben was knowledgeable of family law and respected among his peers within the courtroom. He will be honest with you, provide you your options along with probabilities of the outcome for each circumstance and allow you to make the decision on what you want to do next. I trust Ben and have recommended him numerous times.”

– Brad


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