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Directory of State-Specific Family Law Blogs

Posted by J. Benjamin Stevens | Sep 18, 2009 | 0 Comments

Several years ago, I published a list of state-specific Family Law blogs. I am pleased to present an updated list, which is several times larger than the original.  There are many state specific blogs related to family law topics, representing 38 states (and several foreign countries).  These blogs are well written, and they provide a wealth of information to attorneys and clients alike.

Alabama: Alabama Family Law Blog by Michael Sherman, Esq.
Alabama: Lee's Divorce & Family Law Blog by Lee Borden, Esq.
AlabamaAlabama Divorce & Family Law Attorney Blog by Steven D. Eversole, Esq.
Alabama:  Alabama Divorce Blog by Pamela R. Scott, Esq.
Alabama:  Alabama Divorce Lawyer by Charlotte Christian, Esq.
AlaskaAlaska Divorce Blog by Peggy Alayne Roston
AlaskaThe Polar Digress by Copper Cursive
Arkansas: Kevin Hickey Law Blog by Kevin L. Hickey, Esq.
Arizona: Arizona Family Law Blog by Nirenstein, Ruotolo & Gonzalez, P.L.C.
Arizona: Arizona Divorce & Family Law by Trent Wilcox, Esq.
California: California Divorce and Family Law by Jeffrey Lalloway, Esq.
California: California Divorce Blawg by John E. Harding, Esq.
CaliforniaCalifornia Family Law Blog by Scott J. Sagaria, Esq.
California:  Los Angeles Divorce and Family Law by Warren R. Shiell, Esq. 
California:  Family Law Guy by Richard Gould-Saltman, Esq.
California:  Collaborative Divorce Newsblog by Pauline H. Tesler, Esq.
California:  Northern California Family Law Blog by Crider Law P.C.
California:  Divorce And Mediation Blog by Paul Daniel Marks, Esq.
California:  Egg Donor & Surrogacy Law Blog by Theresa M. Erickson, Esq.
California:  Los Angeles Divorce Lawyer Blog by Clarke Logan Young
CaliforniaLos Angeles Family Law Blog by Evan Braunstein, Esq.
California:  Surrogacy Lawyer by Stephanie Caballero, Esq.
California:  The Modern Woman's Divorce Guide by Helene Taylor, Esq.
California:  Waldlaw Blog by Deborah Wald, Esq.
California:  Family Lawyer Tech & Practice by John E. Harding, Esq.
California:  Family Law Blog by Lonich & Patton, LLP
Colorado:  Colorado Family Law Blog by Jennifer L. Rice, Esq.
Colorado:  Colorado Springs Divorce Attorney Blog by Gasper Law Group
Colorado:  Denver Divorce Lawyer Blog by Chaille Law Firm, PC
ColoradoColorado DivorcePoint! by Lawrence F. King, Esq. and Christopher L. Griffith, Esq.
Connecticut:  Attorney O's Midnight Musings by Irene C. Olszewski, Esq.
Connecticut:  Connecticut Family Law Blog by Michael D. Day, Esq.
Connecticut:  Connecticut Lesbian and Gay Law by Irene C. Olszewski, Esq.
FloridaFlorida Divorce Law Blog by Janet Langjahr, Esq.
FloridaFlorida Family & Divorce Lawyer by James W. Hart, Esq.
FloridaTampa Family and Divorce Lawyer by Nancy McRoberts Parham, Esq.
FloridaThe Orsini & Rose Divorce and Family Law Blog by Brent Rose, Esq.
Florida:  Florida Divorce & Family Law Blog by Christine Bauer, Esq.
Florida:  Florida Family Law Blawg by Christopher Chopin, Esq.
Florida:  Florida Family Lawyer Blog by Koch & Trushin
Florida:  Fort Lauderdale Divorce Lawyer Blog by Sandy T. Fox, Esq.
Florida:  Jacksonville Divorce Lawyer Blog by Wolf, Atter & Wolf, P.A.
Florida:  Orlando Divorce Blog by Jeffrey Feulner, Esq.
Georgia:  Georgia Family Law Blog by Stephen M. Worrall, Esq.
Georgia:  Atlanta Divorce Law Blog by Gideon Alper
Georgia:  Atlanta Divorce Attorney Blog by Meriwether & Tharp, LLP
Georgia:  Atlanta Divorce Lawyer Blog by Eric L. Shapiro, Esq.
Georgia:  Divorce Lawyer in Augusta, Georgia by Goolsby Law Firm
Georgia:  Gay Couples Law Blog by Gideon Alper
IllinoisChicago Family Law Blog by Alan Pearlman, Esq.
Illinois:  Illinois Divorce Law Blog by Michael F. Roe, Esq.
Illinois:  Chicago Divorce Attorney Blog by Kulerski & Cornelison
Illinois:  Just Divorce Blog by Marie C. Fahnert, Esq.
Illinois:  McLean County Divorce by Jon D. McLaughlin, Esq.
Illinois:  Family Law Blog by Lyn C. Conniff, Esq.
IndianaIndiana Family Law by William L. Wilson, Esq.
Indiana:  Sam Hasler's Indiana Divorce & Family Law Blog by Sam Hasler, Esq.
IndianaAll Things Family Law – Indiana Divorce & Family Law Blog by Ryan H. Cassman, Esq.
IndianaStuart Showalter's Indiana Law Blog by Stuart Showalter
Indiana: Divorce Law Indiana by Waters, Tyler, Scott, Hofmann & Doane, LLC
IowaIowa Family Law by Babich, Goldman, Cashatt & Renzo, P.C.
Iowa:  Iowa Law Blog by Sullivan & Ward, PC
Kansas:  A Family and Criminal Law Blog by David J. Brown, Esq.
Kansas:  Kansas Divorce Source by Shea Stevens, Esq.
Kentucky:  Divorce Law Journal by Diana L. Skaggs, Esq.
Kentucky:  Kentucky Family Law Blog by Barrow & Weigel
KentuckyKentucky Law Blog by Michael Stevens and others
MaineMaine Divorce Law Blog by Alan R. Nye, Esq.
MarylandMaryland Divorce Legal Crier by James J. Gross, Esq.
Maryland:  Maryland Divorce Attorney Blog by Robert L. Flanagan, Esq.
Maryland:  Maryland Divorce Lawyer Blog by Silverman Thompson Slutkin White
Maryland:  Maryland Family Law by Heather Sunderman, Esq.
Maryland:  Maryland Trial Lawyer by Constance A. Camus, Esq.
Massachusetts:  Massachusetts Divorce & Family Law Blog by Steven Ballard, Esq.
Massachusetts:  Massachusetts Divorce and Family Law by Gail Otis, Esq.
Massachusetts:  Family Law Practice by Steven Green, Esq.
Massachusetts:  Juvenile Defense Blog by James D. Corbo, Esq.
Massachusetts:  Massachusetts Divorce & Wills Lawyer Blog by Gabriel Cheong, Esq.
Massachusetts:  Massachusetts Family Mediation by Larri Tonelli Parker, Esq.
Massachusetts:  The Divorce Collaborative by Stephen F. McDonough, Esq.
Massachusetts:  The Law Office of Andy P. Miller
Massachusetts:  Scaling the Summit: Bankruptcy & Divorce by Kelsey & Trask, PC
MichiganUpdates in Michigan Family Law by Jeanne M. Hannah, Esq.
MichiganDomestic Diversions by David C. Sarnacki, Esq. and others
Michigan:  Family Law Blog by Gornbein Smith Peskin Shepherd PLLC
Minnesota:  Minnesota Divorce and Family Law Blog by Gerald O. Williams, Esq.
Minnesota:  Always Family Center by Carl J. Arnold, Esq.
Minnesota:  Minnesota Divorce & Family Law Blog by Jason C. Brown, Esq.
Minnesota:  Jennifer R. Lewis Kannegieter, Attorney at Law Blog
Mississippi:  Mississippi Family Law Blog by Robert M. Kisselburgh, Esq.
Mississippi:  Hattiesburg Divorce Lawyer by Timothy J. Evans, Esq.
Mississippi:  Mississippi Family Law Mediation and Counseling Blog by Edward C. Prisock, Esq.
Missouri:  Missouri Divorce and Family Law Blog by Mark A. Wortman, Esq.
Missouri:  Families and the Law by Catherine Earnshaw-Hobbs, Esq.
Montana:  Family Law Matters by Corbin Howard, Esq.
Nevada:  Ciciliano Law Blog by Ciciliano & Associates, LLC
Nevada:  Family, Criminal, Personal Injury, in Nevada by Anthony Wright, Esq.
Nevada:  Family Law in Nevada by Justin Pingel, Esq.
New Hampshire:  New Hampshire Family Law Blog by Kysa Crusco, Esq.
New Jersey:  New Jersey Divorce & Family Law by Victor J. Medina, Esq.
New JerseyNew Jersey Family Law by Charles C. Abut, Esq.
New JerseyNew Jersey Law Blog by Stark & Stark
New Jersey:  New Jersey Divorce Law Blog by Richard S. Diamond, Esq.
New Jersey:  New Jersey Divorce Lawyer Blog by Jonathan Rudnick, Esq.
New Jersey:  New Jersey Family Law Blog by Rotolo Law Firm
New Jersey:  NJ Domestic Partnership by Stephen J. Hyland, Esq.
New Jersey:  NJ Family Issues by Paul G. Kostro, Esq.
New Jersey:  Sanns Mediation World of ADR by Marvin Schuldiner
New York:  New York Divorce Report by Daniel E. Clement, Esq.
New York:  Divorce Hotline by Janine A. Barbera, Esq.
New York:  Knot Too Late by Keith Orenstein, Esq.
New York:  New York Divorce Law Blog by David A. Gabay, Esq.
New York:  New York Family Law Blog by Stephen Bilkis, Esq.
New York:  Rochester Family Lawyer Blog by Alexander Korotkin, Esq.
New York:  New York Family Law and Divorce by J. Douglas Barics, Esq.
New York:  New York Divorce Attorney Blog by Brian D. Perskin, Esq.
North Carolina:  Divorce Discourse by Lee Rosen, Esq.
North Carolina:  North Carolina Family Law News by Gailor, Wallis & Hunt, PLLC
North Carolina:  Child Custody Attorney – In The Trenches by Arlaine Rockey, Esq.
North Carolina:  Durham Family Law Journal by Martha New Milam, Esq.
North Carolina:  Hunt Law Group, PC blog
North Carolina:  Stay Happily Married by Rosen Law Firm
North Carolina:  North Carolina Divorce Blog by The Hart Family Law Firm
Ohio:  Ohio Family Law Blog by Robert L. Mues, Esq.
Ohio:  A Hudson, Ohio Lawyer's Perspective on Divorce and Family Matters by Carol L. Gasper, Esq.
Oregon:  The Oregon Divorce Blog by Stephens Margolin P.C.
Oregon:  Collaborative Divorce Northwest Blog by Stephens Margolin P.C.
Pennsylvania:  Pennsylvania Family Law by Fox Rothschild, LLP
Pennsylvania:  BV Source by Brian C. Vertz, Esq.
Pennsylvania:  One (Divorce) Lawyer's Perspective by Michael L. Viola, Esq.
Pennsylvania:  Pennsylvania Family Law Blog by Mark E. Jakubik, Esq.
Rhode Island:  Rhode Island Divorce Tips by Chris Pearsall, Esq.
Rhode Island:  Rhode Island Divorce Lawyer Articles by David Slepkow, Esq.
South CarolinaSouth Carolina Family Law Blog by J. Benjamin Stevens, Esq.
South Carolina:  SC Family Law by M. Rita Metts, Esq.
South CarolinaGregory Forman's Blog by Gregory S. Forman, Esq.
South Carolina:  Upstate Family Law Blog by V. B. Atkins, III, Esq.
South Carolina:  SC Adoption Law Blog by Russell W. Hall III, Esq.
South Carolina:  Family Law Blog by Megan C. Hunt, Esq.
South Carolina:  DeTreville Law & Mediation, LLC by J. Michael DeTreville, Esq.
Tennessee:  Memphis Divorce Guide by David M. Sandy, Esq.
Tennessee:  Memphis Divorce and Custody Law by James K. Ferrell, Esq.
Tennessee:  Knight on Family Law by Stephen C. Knight, Esq.
Tennessee: Herston on Tennessee Family Law by K.O. Herston, Esq.
Texas:  North Texas Family Law Blog by Jimmy Verner, Esq.
Texas:  Dallas Divorce Blog by Chris Schmiedeke, Esq.
Texas:  Divorce and Family Law in Tarrant County, Texas by Dick Price, Esq.
Texas:  Texas Family Law Blog by Sean Y. Palmer, Esq.
Texas:  Dallas Divorce Law Blog by O'Neil Anderson
Texas:  Texas Collaborative Law Blog by Dick Price, Esq.
Texas:  Houston Divorce and Family Law Attorney Blog by J. Shannon Cavers, Esq.
Texas:  Houston Divorce Lawyer Blog by Scott Morgan, Esq.
Texas:  Texas Family Law Blog by Cary & Lippincott, PLLC
Texas:  Austin Divorce Help by Cristi Trusler, Esq.
UtahUtah Divorce and Family Law Blog by Gregory W. Stevens, Esq.
Utah:  Utah Family Law Blog by Rebecca Long Okura, Esq.
Vermont:  Vermont Family Law by Deborah T. Bucknam, Esq.
VirginiaVirginia Family Law by Jason A. Weis, Esq.
VirginiaRob Hagy's Virginia Family Law Blog by Robert R. Hagy, II Esq.
VirginiaVirginia Divorce & Custody Law by Odin, Feldman & Pittleman, P.C.
VirginiaThe Virginia Law Blog by Livesay & Myers, P.C.
VirginiaVirginia Divorce Info by Shane L. Jimison, Esq.
Washington:  Decoupling by Rao & Pierce
Washington:  Renton Washington Family Law and Estate Planning Attorney by Peter W. Mogren, Esq.
Washington:  Real Divorce Mediation by Debra Synovec, Esq. and Nancy Hudgins, Esq.
West Virginia:  West Virginia Family Law Blog by John H. Bryan, Esq.
Wisconsin:  Divorce in Wisconsin by Lakeland Law Firm
Wisconsin:  Marquette University Law School Faculty Blog (Family Law)


International:  International Family Law by Jeremy D. Morley
Professors:  Family Law Prof Blog
News:  Alltop's Family Law Page

Foreign Countries:

Vancouver, British ColumbiaBritish Columbia Family Law Blog by MacLean Family Law Group
Ottawa, OntarioOttawa Divorce Blog by Jeffrey Behrendt, Esq.
Toronto, OntarioBlog/Journal of a Toronto Lawyer Specializing in Estate & Family Law by Robert G. Coates, Esq.Toronto, Ontario:  Toronto Family Lawyers' Blog by Andrew Feldstein, Esq.
Brisbane, Australia:  Australian Divorce Blog by Stephen Page, Esq.
London, England:  Bloody Relations by Jacqui Gilliatt, Esq.
Southampton, England:  Divorce Solicitor by Lynne Bastow, Esq.
Chatham, England:  Family Lore by John Boich, Esq.
Birmingham, England:  Benussi Blog by Diane Benussi, Esq.
Darlington, England:  Judith's Divorce Blog by Judith Middleton, Esq.

Check out these blogs, and let me know if you are aware of any other Family Law blogs. I'll be glad to add them to this list and to publish an updated listing in the future.

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