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Ex-Husband Wins Defamation Case

Posted by J. Benjamin Stevens | Oct 12, 2006 | 0 Comments

The Chicago Sun-Times reports that an investment banker will receive $9.7 million after his ex-wife destroyed his career and reputation with a damaging letter sent to 200 people, including potential employees, colleagues, charities and friends. 

The letters alleged that he boasted of bribing judges, made plans to have her killed, and duped his employers out of money with a lucrative investment scam.  It also detailed allegations from the couple's divorce.

The woman's letter sent the banker's career "into a nose-dive" when he found himself demoted (from his $1.5 million a year position) and later, struggling to find a job at all.  The man claims to this day that he cannot explain why his ex-wife distributed the letter.

The ex-wife's attorney argued in his closing statements that she had endured "emotional torture" in the marriage and that sending the letters "was the only way to protect" herself from her ex-husband's threats.  The ex-husband has maintained that he had no contact with her since they divorced.

You can get more information about this story by clicking HERE.

Source:  "‘Lies' cost ex-wife $9.7 mil." by Rummana Hussain and Steve Patterson, published in theChicago Sun-Times.

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