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Put our South Carolina family law firm experience to work for you today.


Is your family in turmoil? Ben Stevens and Jenny Stevens know that when problems arise, many families often experience needless emotional stress and anxiety. The reason? Many people wait far too long to act on these problems, even after they have become acutely aware that their circumstances have deteriorated. They are often paralyzed by the fear of not knowing what their options are or what impact Family Court litigation may have on their family, both personally and financially.

The attorneys at The Stevens Firm, P.A. are highly skilled negotiators and litigators who represent individuals in all facets of family law. We handle cases involving industry leaders, business executives, political figures, small business owners, professionals, homemakers, and working men and women.  We assist our clients with sophisticated and complex Family Law matters arising from interpersonal relationships both domestically and abroad.  Our senior partner, Ben Stevens, is one of a very select few attorneys in South Carolina who are Fellows in the highly prestigious American Academy of Matrimonial Lawyers. Although our client base is varied, our philosophy in serving our clients remains the same. We strive to provide quality and professional legal services while maintaining client communication and accessibility, responding promptly, respecting client confidences, negotiating when possible but litigating when necessary, and satisfying the economic and emotional goals of the client.

As a family law firm, we understand the dynamics of family law cases. Our clients come to us at an emotional and often traumatic time in their lives. We work patiently and closely with our clients to deal with their individual concerns and to achieve a successful resolution of each case. At The Stevens Firm, we believe an important part of our job is to reduce our clients' fears and anxieties by thoroughly explaining their rights, their options, and the financial and emotional implications Family Court litigation might have on them and their children. One purpose of this website is to provide you with a wealth of information not only about our family law firm, but also about the numerous family law issues that may affect you, your family, and your case.

The attorneys and support staff at The Stevens Firm offer a wealth of experience in all aspects of family law. Our attorneys have a wide range of professional and personal backgrounds, and this unique blend of experience, talent, and energy enables us to best meet our clients' legal challenges. We use every available resource and skill to bring about the best possible result in each case. Our family law firm attorneys regularly participate and teach in continuing legal education programs and are active in many professional organizations. With the assistance of the latest technology, we keep abreast of the most current developments in family law.


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