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Five Ways to Make Divorce Less Stressful for Children

Posted by J. Benjamin Stevens | Sep 25, 2012 | 0 Comments

The following guest post is from Roxanne Porter:

Parents divorcing are one of the most stressful events in any child's life. Children go through a variety of emotions and traumas related to this disconnect of a parental unit they thought would go on forever. There are some ways that parents can help their children through this difficult time and make the transition easier and less stressful. Here are five ways that parents can help their children through this transition:

  1. Keep calm :: Children pick up the emotions and stresses of their parents. If both parents can manage to do so, they should remain as calm and collected as possible. The more stress the parents have, the more will be passed on to the kids.
  2. Stay polite :: Fighting and anger between parents is a huge stress for kids. If they see their parents going at each other, it makes it much more likely that they will too express their stress with anger and demonstrative actions.
  3. Explain :: One of the things that parents often do is forget to explain clearly to kids what is going on. Kids need to know that it is not their fault. Many children who suffer through a divorce feel responsible for it. Parents need to sit the child down and explain that this is strictly something between the adults and the child had nothing to do with it.
  4. Be reasonable :: Custody is a tough issue. The best thing for the child is for both parents to be reasonable about it. If the parents can work out a schedule for sharing the child that allows for minimum disruption to the child's life, then that is the best way to go. The child is already going through a big change in one area of his life. He needs stability in other areas to maintain his peace.
  5. Do not change :: Just because the parents are separated does not mean that the rules of the house will change. Do not give into the temptation to be the fun parent. Make sure that the child knows that all the old rules still apply and that separate does not mean you will go behind the other parents back on previously determined agreements.

The most important thing to remember is to keep the child's environment as stable as possible during this chaotic and turbulent time. Children need to know they will be taken care of and loved, even in the midst of difficulty.

About the Author: Roxanne Porter is a freelancer and a regular contributor for nanny classifieds.  She helps in providing knowledge about nanny services and loves writing on nanny related articles. She helps in giving a fair knowledge about nanny Jobs to the community. You can contact her at [email protected]

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