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Helpful Apps for Divorced Parents in South Carolina

Posted by J. Benjamin Stevens | Apr 29, 2014 | 0 Comments

Given the abundance of smartphone apps on the market today, it was only a matter of time before someone created some helpful apps for divorced parents. The following apps might help you co-parent with your former spouse after your divorce:

Our Family Wizard

This app, which corresponds to their website, was specifically designed for divorced (or divorcing) parents who share custody. It works by allowing both parents to share messages with one another, detail expenses, and provide information about doctors or school-related matters. The app is especially useful, because it avoids having to use the children as intermediaries, which places them in a confusing and uncomfortable position. The goal is to reduce the amount of conflict or “he said/she said” disputes that are common following a split, as all of the shared information can be reviewed later if needed.


This is an online tool that recently released an app for users. 2houses works by allowing divorced parents to share information without interacting in person. The two can create a joint calendar that each can then add to and edit. Parenting time schedules can be created and tracked, and extracurricular information about the kids can also be uploaded and followed by both parties.

Divorce Log

When dealing with a difficult opposing party, it might be advisable to keep track of certain things to ensure compliance with a Court Order. For example, some people may need to keep a log of child support payments or visitation times, as that information can come in handy later. Divorce Log provides an easy way for users to record these incidents in an app that uses a calendar to compile information. You can also configure the app so that it forwards entries directly to an email address, possibly your attorney or Guardian ad Litem.

Source: “8 Apps That Make Post-Divorce Parenting A Little Easier,” published

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