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Hiring a Private Investigator for Your Divorce, Child Custody, or Visitation Case

Posted by J. Benjamin Stevens | Apr 19, 2007 | 0 Comments

Certain divorces or other family cases can benefit from the use of a private investigator.  Investigators can be very helpful in obtaining documentation regarding lifestyle, assets, income, roomates, friends, paramour and parents, including their criminal history, work history, demonstrating hidden affluence, locating and interviewing witnessess, and obtaining information regarding abuse or neglect.

The best way to select and hire an investigator is to find someone referred to you by a lawyer.  You can also look in the yellow pages, and remember that these investigators typically do more family work.  You should insist on an investigator who is licensed by the South Carolina Law Enforcement Division.  Beyond that, there are several advanced certifications which may distinguish one investigator from another, such as the national designation of Professional Licensed Investigator (PLI) or Certified Legal Investigator (CLI).

When hiring a private investigator, costs are always a consideration.  Costs for a private investigator in South Carolina can vary widely, but they are typically in the $50 to $75 per hour range.  You have the right to a written contract at the time you are contracting the service.  The average for an infidelity surveillance typically run about $1,500 to $2,500 to have a real chance of likely success.

In every family law case, whether divorce or child custody/visitation case, there are issues of both law and fact.  Private investigators can help make the facts become clearer.  Solid, verifiable facts can affect the outcome of cases. Even the greatest attorney in the world wants facts on their side, and hiring a private investigator may be the best way to get those facts brought to light.

Source:  This article was adapted from the article “Hiring a Private Investigator For Your Texas Divorce or Texas Family Law Case” by Sean Y. Palmer, published at his Texas Family Law Resource blog.

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