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How to Keep Costs Down During a South Carolina Divorce

Posted by J. Benjamin Stevens | Mar 11, 2013 | 0 Comments

Everyone already thinks divorce is an expensive proposition. In fact, many people think that “money-stealing attorneys bleed clients dry”. The reality is that divorce can actually be quite affordable and usually only becomes expensive when couples lose their cool and use the legal process as a tool to exact revenge on former spouses. There are some other common pitfalls that clients can fall into that make the bills go higher, and the following tips can help avoid them.

One common mistake is that some clients attempt to use their attorney as a therapist. While it's certainly true that attorneys are there to listen, it's important to understand that you are paying family lawyers to do a job, not to be a shoulder to cry on. Every time you make a call or send a lengthy email, it requires work on your attorney's part, which in turn will show up on your monthly bill. If you have problems that you need to work through, it's far better to turn to a therapist rather than have your attorney do (expensive) double duty.

Another frequent mistake that can lead to increased expanse is when clients ask their family and friends for legal advice. Though the advice is technically “free”, it can be quite costly in the long run. Friends (who think they know how much you should hold out for or that insist you take your ex for all they're worth) don't realize the primary fact that each divorce is different. What worked in their divorce may not work in yours. These well-meaning friends often end up offering advice that may not be in your best interests. When it comes to legal strategy, it's important to rely on the person you paid to do the job – your attorney.

A final example of a mistake that cost conscious clients should be wary of is that some people fail to pick their battles. While it's understandable that you will be going through an array of emotions, including anger, it's important not to let your hurt feelings cloud your judgment. Sure, you might like those collectable figurines, but are they really worth fighting over? When preparing for a fight, you should ask yourself how much are you willing to spend to get what you want.

In the end, remember that the divorce is a fight over your money. The more time (and money) you spend fighting, the less you'll have left in the end. If you're facing a South Carolina divorce and have questions, you should contact an attorney who will be there to help guide you through the tricky process.

Source: “Common Errors Can Affect the Cost Of Your Divorce,” by Diane L. Danois, published

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