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International Child Support Enforcement

Posted by J. Benjamin Stevens | Jul 05, 2015 | 0 Comments

Enforcing child support within the United States is, for the most part, generally a straightforward process. Laws adopted by almost all 50 states help to streamline the process and eliminate the requirement for filing new child support cases in each state where enforcement is sought.

However, enforcing support against a non-custodial parent who lives in another country is far more complicated. Most other countries will not automatically recognize a child support order issued by a court in the United States. Therefore, a new petition for child support must be filed in the foreign court, which will apply its own laws in deciding whether to grant and enforce child support.

Our Commitment To Pursuing Justice

Given the complexity of international child support cases, it is critical to have an experienced attorney protect your interests to increase your chances of obtaining a successful outcome. Our international family law practice provides skilled and experienced representation in child support cases that cross international boundaries.

Our legal team is dedicated to securing justice for our clients. We offer caring and practical legal guidance with an eye toward preserving and protecting our clients' resources. We can navigate the complicated issues that arise in international child support enforcement cases, from pursuing foreign court orders to finding hidden income and assets in offshore accounts.

Cutting-Edge Legal Developments

The body of law on international child support collection is still in its developmental stages. A new treaty, the Hague Convention on the International Recovery of Child Support and Other Forms of Family Maintenance, would significantly streamline the process for enforcing and collecting child support in signatory nations. The United States was the first country to sign the Convention in 2007, and President Obama signed implementing legislation for it in September 2014. Other nations around the world are moving toward adopting this treaty.

Because our firm is devoted exclusively to family law, our attorneys remain on the cutting edge of the latest legal developments in the field. We also work with a network of lawyers around the world to facilitate the smooth and successful resolution of international child support cases. If you are facing international child support enforcement issues, contact our firm today to request a consultation.

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