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What do our clients think about the attorneys at The Stevens Firm, P.A.? Read the following client testimonials to find out:

  • “I am thankful for her commitment to my case. She’s very good at reading people and exposing the truth. She’s very diligent with her research. In the courtroom, she’s an aggressive opponent. She is very passionate about excellence. Her office staff are very friendly and helpful. She responds to q…

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  • “Finding the real truth through a custody battle takes patience, experience and skill. Mrs. Stevens continuously proved that “what is best for the children” was always most important and her direction. Her questions and probing of information from both the father and the mother brought the truth …

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  • I cannot explain why bad things happen to good people. However, I can recommend a place and an attorney where you can turn to when you are faced with needing legal guidance for a divorce.  The Stevens Law Firm is a firm that you can trust during the devastating pain of divorce. The staff is frien…

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  • Jonathan was referred to me by an acquaintance when I found myself involved in divorce proceedings. He was professional yet personable and put me at ease from our first contact. During times of self doubt, irrationality, and emotions he was the steady, objective, rational voice of reason. I alway…

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