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Study Shows Too Many People Afraid to Leave Bad Marriages

Posted by J. Benjamin Stevens | Jul 24, 2013 | 0 Comments

A recent study conducted by a large British law firm found what many people already anecdotally understand to be true: too many people feel trapped in unhappy relationships, but they are often afraid to take the plunge and move for a divorce. This is a problem that affects many South Carolina couples considering divorce, one which must be overcome before they are able to move on to a new and happier life.

According to the study by Slater & Gordon, the number one reason people remain stuck in unhappy marriages is they say they are afraid to leave bad marriages and lack the courage necessary to move for divorce. The researched required surveying 2,000 married couples and asked their thoughts on the quality of their marriage and their opinions on why nothing had been done to fix the trouble.

One fifth of all respondents said they felt trapped in their relationship but would not consider filing for divorce unless they could be assured that they would have financial stability. In even more depressing numbers, 15 percent of those surveyed said they regretted marrying their partner and wished they had chosen someone else. Nearly 30 percent said that if they were asked to advise a younger couple, they would tell them to avoid marriage entirely.

The results of the survey highlight an unfortunate problem, people feeling trapped in bad marriages who are unable to make a move towards divorcing. Though divorce is understandably a difficult process and should not be considered lightly, the fact is it can be the best decision in some cases. Staying together out of fear of trying something new is no way to live life, and study after study has shown that remaining in an unhealthy relationship can be damaging not only to the spouses, but also to the children.

Though broaching the subject of a South Carolina divorce is a hard conversation, it can be the right decision if you or your spouse are truly dissatisfied. Having the courage to speak up is critical if you want to live a happier life.

Source: “Divorce Study Shows Couples Are Unhappy, But Too Scared To Split,” published

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