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Traveling Internationally With Children

Posted by J. Benjamin Stevens | Jun 21, 2015 | 0 Comments

Due to increasing rates of international child abduction, governments and agencies around the world are now placing numerous travel restrictions on non-custodial parents and guardians. If you do not have the proper documentation and approval, you may be prohibited from traveling internationally with children, and you might even face kidnapping charges.

Our international family law attorneys are able to assist clients in South Carolina and allĀ around the world with a variety of family law issues. Our legal team and staff understand the intricacies involved in international laws, processes, and disputes, and we have the experience to assist you, even if it means intervening at the eleventh hour, when legal help is needed most.

We Can Help You Find the Resources You Need

The legal aspects involved in international travel with children can be more complex than you ever imagined. If you plan to travel to another country with your child, but you do not have primary custody, you must have numerous documents in hand before doing so. We can assist you with the necessary steps to ensure that you have complied with international law.

We also help parents who suspect that their ex-spouses are about to kidnap their children and flee to another country as well as those who have already been taken. Such child abduction cases involve numerous laws, including the Hague Convention on the Civil Aspects of International Child Abduction (the Hague Convention). We can help you identify the resources you need to stop such actions from taking place, or to take the necessary legal recourse if it has already occurred.

We Know What It Takes to Get the Police Involved

Most child custody matters, such as international relocation or travel, are seen as private legal matters. Local law enforcement agencies throughout the world often believe that any family-related matter should be handled civilly. For that and other reasons, it takes skilled, experienced international family law attorneys to know how to communicate with and show these agencies that these types of issues actually involve criminal aspects that require police assistance. We can help bridge the often seemingly insurmountable gap between you and the local, state, and federal authorities who can help.

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