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Ways to Make Your Spouse Smile and Strengthen Your Marriage

Posted by J. Benjamin Stevens | Dec 11, 2013 | 0 Comments

Contrary to popular belief, divorce lawyers are not pro-divorce. In fact, I said several years ago in an interview that I see divorce lawyers as a “necessary evil” in today's world. Most family law attorneys will tell you that seeing clients reconcile their marriages is one of the happier parts of our jobs.

Dave Willis , founder of, notes that in the early stages of a relationship, most people strive to bring a smile to each other's faces. He believes that making smiles a priority can help strengthen your marriage and make your life a lot happier. He suggests the following ways to make your spouse smile:

  • Smile (Seriously, when you smile, it's going to be much easier to make them smile).
  • Turn the TV on mute and make up your own dialogue for what you think the characters are saying.
  • Speak to each other in a fake, foreign accent in public and see if anyone notices.
  • Write each other love notes and leave them hidden around the house.
  • Plan a surprise date and “kidnap” your spouse to take them there.
  • Dig out the childhood photo albums and spend a night looking through them.
  • Get with some couple friends (the fun ones, not the dramatic ones).

Source: “12 simple ways to make your spouse smile” by Dave Willis.

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