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What Do Couples Regret The Most After Divorce?

Posted by J. Benjamin Stevens | Dec 30, 2013 | 0 Comments

A recent survey found that couples who had recently gone through a divorce often regretted the impact the split had on their children. The results found that out of nearly 900 couples that were surveyed, roughly 30 percent said that the biggest regret they had about their divorce was the impact it had on their children.

The survey said that beyond children, money was another common regret. Twenty-four percent of those surveyed said they regretted the financial impact divorce had on their lives. Another 21 percent said they regretted the way the divorce process itself was carried out, including their own behavior during the ordeal.

Returning to the subject of children, 32 percent of the couples surveyed said that they believed the divorce had negatively impacted the emotional state of their children, while 22 percent said that their kids' school performance suffered. While these parents feared the worst, 24 percent of those responding to survey said they felt their divorce had no impact on their kids. Another 8 percent said they believed the split actually helped their children.

Experts say that worries about how a divorce might harm children are common among those facing a South Carolina divorce. However, parents should understand that with a little bit of work, children can emerge from a divorce perfectly fine. These experts note that it is important for parents to be there to offer support to children in the first few years following a split, especially when the children are young.

Parents need to emphasize that they are there for the children and that both parens should work hard to form and maintain strong bonds with the kids. By creating and tending to these bonds, children can emerge from a divorce even more resilient and stable than before. Though worry is understandable, there's no reason for parents to have to regret their decision to divorce.

Source:Survey Reveals What Divorced Couples Regret Most,” published at

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