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Which Visitation Schedule Is Best for Your Family?

Posted by Jenny R. Stevens | Mar 05, 2013 | 0 Comments

Visitation schedule

When couples are faced with dividing their children's time between them, one of the inevitable first questions asked is, “What type of visitation plan do you recommend for your clients?”

This is similar to asking someone how they take their coffee – the answers can be as varied as your imagination. While it is true that there once was a “Standard Visitation” plan ordered by most Family Court judges, this is no longer the case. With more cases being resolved through some form of mediation and/or through the use of Guardians ad Litem, it is now more common to see a visitation schedule truly catered to the needs, schedules, and traditions of each individual family faced with divorce.

For example, if the actual holiday is not especially important to one parent, he or she may decide the other parent can have holiday visits that include the whole holiday, rather than creating a plan that would have the parents splitting the actual holiday. In other cases, you may see parents not switching the children at all during the school week because their children have trouble adjusting, but the other parents gets every weekend or most weekends during the school year to make up for this.

Important factors to keep in mind when developing a visitation proposal are:

  • Work Schedules
  • Distance between the parent's homes & schools
  • School Calendar(s) and Children's After-school activities
  • Summer Camps
  • Family Holiday Traditions
  • Religious schedules/traditions important to the children
  • School bus routes
  • Can your children organize their school work well enough to transition between two home mid-week?
  • Family support/Babysitters available to each parent

Having the assistance of an experience family law attorney can be particularly helpful when dealing with complex issues, such as custody and visitation.  If you are facing such issues, you are welcome to contact our office at (864) 598-9172 to schedule a consultation to meet with one of our attorneys.

About the Author

Jenny R. Stevens

Jenny has been certified as a Guardian ad Litem for many years, and she finds her work representing children in private custody litigation to be some of the most rewarding work in the practice of law. These cases, along with her own personal experience with divorce, inspired her to practice family law in a way which focuses not only on the legal aspect of family law, but also on the impact these events have on the individuals involved. Being a wife, mother and stepmother herself, Jenny understands the compassion and sensitivity needed to help guide families through these transitions.


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